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COVID: Where Is the Epidemic?

By Angela Leeds

August 19, 2020

The original idea for this website came about when I wanted to start pounding the pavement and talking to local business owners and neighbors about The Lockdown. I wanted a simple place I could point to for helpful info.

A place to share the truth about COVID data, the truth about real science rather than the “consensus science” pushed by bureaucrats and government, and the truth about our RIGHTS.

Because TRUTH DISPELS LIES. It takes a lot of big and repetitive lying and personal attacks to help propagate a lie.

But Truth has resonance, people can feel it, understand it, and it has the power to dispel lies very quickly.

So, it is fitting that my first post here is about going straight to the data to see what Truth there is there, and what lies it will dispel.

Pulling COVID Data from the CDC

Unlike the viral memes that haunt us on Facebook, I pulled this data myself, and directly from the CDC website. I set out to find a list of the weekly death counts going back to mid-March when The Lockdown started here in the U.S.


The sequence of pages that led me to the data: -> National Center for Health Statistics ->Provisional COVID-19 Death Counts by Week Ending Date and State

  • Here is the page on the CDC website where you can see the data directly. I exported this data on 8/17/2020 into an Excel file.
  • I then added a few “sum totals” and percentages to get the latest estimated numbers in certain columns. Here is the file I created with those totals.
  • Estimated U.S. Population used for my calculations is 331,271,415 as of 8/19/2020 per the worldometer site.

So, now you have everything I used to find a quick set of reference data! And with this simple high-level view, the story they tell is revealing…

The Case of the Disappearing Flu

The first thing I noticed were the annual flu deaths, which I know from previous research can be 60,000-80,000 here in the U.S. So far in 2020, with the peak of the flu season long past, only 6,615 Influenza deaths have been reported. These flu deaths are so infinitesimal they account for only 0.00199% of our population.

Where did the Flu go?


Total Deaths and How Many Deaths Compared to Usual?

Total COVID Deaths: The next obvious thing is that total deaths for COVID account for only 0.046% of the U.S. population. As sad as any death is, this figure is so marginal that it’s less than 1/2 a percent, or basically…zero.

Deaths Compared to Usual: I also averaged the Percent of Expected Deaths figure to see how overall deaths compare to the usual number each year. With a plague destroying the globe, surely there would be a scary spike shown here! However, that expected death rate came to only 1.06% of the expected overall deaths.

For a so-called “plague” that has shut down our economy, destroyed the lives and livelihoods of millions, and rolled out shocking violations of the civil liberties and freedoms that Americans have grown up believing to be the very cornerstone of our lives…I close with the same question I opened with: Where is the epidemic?


The 52 Most Important People In The World

But perhaps the most shocking data in this report are the 52 people that were reported to have died of COVID the week The Lockdown began. Fifty-two people, whose deaths triggered “flattening the curve”. With a population of 331,271,415, those 52 account for 0.000015697 % of our population.

  • 52 is the figure that triggered house arrest of nearly 1/3 of a billion Americans.
  • 52 is the figure that prevented Americans who needed cancer surgery or an operation to repair excruciating dental issues because these types of urgent healthcare procedures were deemed by bureaucrats to be “non-essential”.
  • 52 is the figure that prevented families from being with their loved ones in hospital and nursing homes, even children and parents who were dying.

Our Governors, Media, and Health bureaucrats used these 52 deaths as justification to violate the governmental structures and safeguards that The People of our country have evolved over centuries to perfect a free State so admired around the world that many millions came to pursue their dreams.

My father is one such immigrant: a naturalized citizen who came from Greece, built his life and family here with devotion and patriotic pride.

As a first-generation American who was raised to believe in Freedom, Liberty, and Equality for all, I am aghast at where we find ourselves today. We need to do something, and right quick.


Time to Join Hands and Hearts

If you, like me, are troubled by what is going on, I would like to speak with you. If you have stories about how your family has been impacted by The Lockdown, please drop me a few lines. The email link is below.

I want to hear your ideas and brainstorm what we can do. I want to speak with North Americans, Europeans, Australians, Africans, Indians, and anyone else who is determined to change what is playing out across the world. We need to connect, we need to band together, unify, mobilize, and organize!

I don’t know how, exactly, but I do believe that together, we can sort this out. We have the power of our beautiful spirits and our collectively brilliant minds. Our elders carry rich wisdom we can tap into. And we have the collective support of all our Gods and gods, from every culture we represent.

Together, we can figure this out!

I look forward to hearing from you and joining hands in this work, which no single person can do on her own.



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