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Isn't OXYGEN a human right?

There can be no Freedom without the Breath, because there is no LIFE without the Breath.

Because of my intensive work with breathing techniques, I know how incredibly empowering the Breath is -- for health, well-being, happiness, consciousness, and LIFE. Decreasing or hijacking the breathing process is utterly disempowering and can have devastating effects on any human.

For this reason, I am an evangelist for the right of every human to breathe unfettered without a mask or restriction of any other kind. This position is not from any partisan or political perspective.

BREATHING IS A PRIMAL RIGHT OF EVERY HUMAN, un Unalienable Right protected by the Constitution of every country that espouses the sanctity and freedom of human life. There can be no Freedom without the Breath, because there is no LIFE without the Breath.


In these unsettling times, if you are looking for guidance on How To Live Without The Mask (aka Getting Back To Normal), I hope you find useful insight and instruction in the below videos. I hope you enjoy these front-porch chats during the 2020 summer..."quarantine hair" and all. :)

If you are wearing a mask either by choice or because you "must", due to work and other "mandates"...PLEASE be sure to check out my information about PUSH-BREATHING. It is no replacement for going mask-free, but it will certainly help you re-oxygenate after the physical and mental/emotional stress of being masked for any length of time.

Here is the link to the entire How To Live Without The Mask (aka Getting Back To Normal) playlist, or you can view the videos individually below.


The most powerful breathing secret in the world.

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